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Representing a considerable part of HireVIA Management Consultants client base, our Financial Services Practice Group consists of specialists with a profound knowledge of the industry located all over the world.

Our consultants have acquired their expert knowledge and their access to the world’s leading financial talent in the Executive Search business as well as from senior-level executive experience in the industry; this forms the basis for our unparalleled success. Our consultants help you stay at the cutting edge of ongoing shifts in the Financial Services landscape, working closely with you to assess candidatesĀ“ key experience, core competencies, and leadership potential. HireVIA Management Consultants Ā helps you to find the best people around the globe and make better hiring decisions for crucial positions. By ensuring that your leadership teams are the best in the world, we secure your competitive advantage.

We pride ourselves on the fact that, due to our personalized and entrepreneurial approach, a great number of our client relationships are very long-term. We earn your loyalty by being consistently effective and result-oriented, and by always going that extra mile.

The Financial Services Practice Group works in both mature and emerging markets with a focus on strategic, complex assignments including searches for CEOs and board members, senior executives and specialists. We also work with Financial Services companies to appraise and develop their current talent and to optimize executive team performance and results.

We strive for excellence and we are always ready to serve you, be it on a regional, national or global level.



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